What to expect at your first PIN meeting

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

'What to expect at your first PIN meeting' by Zachary Abbott

What to expect at your very first PIN meeting

*Note: This is not a sponsored article or endorsed, just an article I felt would help people especially when starting out and want some background knowledge to go in with 😊

Now for those new to the world of property investing, a great place to start is surrounding yourself with those who you either aspire to be, want to emulate, develop similar skills or just provide positive support on your journey.

Most people may not have these people in their current circles or maybe even their circle’s circles.

A great place to start is the PIN or Property Investors Network meeting (there are other networking events, but I’ve found these to be the most well-known and where I started from), where they have monthly meetings in various cities all across the UK to talk about property investment and related topics.

Providing you with an area to network, meet up and surround yourself with like-minded people.

This article will take you through what to expect at your first PIN meeting.

18:00 – 19:00 Networking

Now a typical schedule runs from 18:00-21:00, with the first hour allowing people to meet new people and start networking with those around you.

Small spoiler: Not everyone is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur coming to these events in their various supercars. This is not meant in a bad way, just when I first went I expected to be well out of my league with people who have done it for years and notes falling out their pockets as they walk.

In reality, your surrounding yourself with down to earth people who may not have started, taking the beginning steps or are making a success from property in various forms.

There is such a mix and that’s why it shouldn’t be a worry to go as a newbie, everyone starts out somewhere and everyone there has had a ground zero. You’ll meet an assortment of people from employees looking to build a pension pot in property, to sourcers who are looking to sell deals, to service providers like builders, lawyers who want to provide their work to investors or people just wanting to know what property is all about.

Take advantage of this time as you’ll meet some extraordinary people who are relatable and happy to share in their experiences.

19:00 – 19:15 Introduction & Updates

Down to business, this will be the initial talk from the host of the night greeting the new people and providing you with an insight in what PIN does and the speakers that will be presenting for the night.

Now, I attend the Manchester PIN which is hosted by the amazing Julie Whitmore and if you have a chance to hear her story on how she started her property journey you’ll think you had watched a TED talk, inspired and ready to go out and crush it.

The hosts are amazing people and great to speak with as they know the feeling of starting, of the steps needed and perhaps people who can help in whatever stage you have arrived at.

Next you’ll have a quick 5-10 mins from a local commercial/mortgage broker and letting agent to inform of upcoming changes in the market, and especially enjoy this segment especially for Q&A sessions as it allows to for those direct questions you can never get a straight answer from on Google.

19:15 – 19:55 First speaker & 20:15 – 21:00 Second Speaker

Now every meeting has two inspirational speakers talking about an aspect of property investing, some of which you may not of thought relate. Here is some of the amazing people I’ve met and learned from during these meetings;

- Joe & Jane Harling – Expert property investors in developments, amazing to learn from in this strategy and lit an interest in this branch of property for me.

- Jules Copsey – Providing designing advice on creating amazing spaces and rooms for tenants, not just the standard environments and rooms but being creative.

- Linda Wright – Planning consultant with a host of experience, and able to explain it in such an amazing engaging fashion.

- And many, many more in areas such as Wills, Property Investors with different strategies, Commercial Finance, Digital Marketing…

19:55 – 20:05 Services & Prize draw

Now there is a break between the first and second speaker of the night, where you have 20 seconds to stand up to the front and provide your offer of what you want to provide…

Now for people who have frozen at the thought of public speaking, don’t worry this is not mandatory and is an invitation for people who are interested in sharing what they know, what their looking for and what you can provide.

It can be a tad daunting but is a great opportunity and experience. Would recommend trying it at least once.

In summary, you should be all set with heading to your first PIN meeting and getting ready to meet those with similar thoughts and experiences. Hope you enjoyed and see you at the next meeting

Thanks for reading :)

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