The Happy Place - A short story

I lived in a happy place, with a bowl of delicious food that refilled every time I woke up.

In my happy place I could sleep wherever I wanted, I could go out to enjoy any interest that caught me and return to my happy place whenever I wanted.

Then one day I woke up and the bowl had not refilled.

I was confused as this had never happened before and believed it must be a dream. I decided to venture out to see if there were any other differences, but no this seemed like the real world. I believed perhaps that I may have already eaten and had just lost memory of this, but no the emptiness in my belly I could feel.

I returned to my happy place but alas the bowl had still not been replenished.

What had I done to break this magical bowl?

I went to a spot in my happy place to sleep, wishing when my eyes opened again the bowl would be full.

When I arose, I again found the bowl empty save from the dust of my last meal.


The hunger was aching now, and I went out hoping to find food. I wandered past many bowls in different happy places but all of them I could not reach. After searching far and wide I could not find a bowl for myself and decided to return to my happy place.

But I was unable, I had returned but I could not enter my happy place.

Why was this happening? Why so suddenly?

Hundreds of sleeps I had taken in my happy place and nothing like this had happened before. What had I done to deserve this?

I sought shelter wishing, dreaming that this be some horrible nightmare that I must be having. I slept a fitful sleep in a shelter away from my happy place.

Hunger woke me, pains in my stomach crying out for food and I ran as fast as I could, pleading that my happy place would be open letting me enter once more… but again I could not. I could see my bowl still as empty as before my sleep, but I could not even reach it. I couldn’t enter my happy place that I had slept in for so long.

Pain wracked me as hunger was all I thought about. I wandered around seeing these magical refilling bowls filled with food, but in other happy places that I could not reach. Time passed and I could only return to my shelter.

Upon reaching my shelter I was shocked, as before me was a magical bowl filled with food.

How, where had it come from. Had it followed me from my happy place. These thoughts passed my mind but the food in front took over and I ate my fill, cleaning the bowl even to the dust I normally left.

With my belly full, sleep took over and within my shelter I slept.

I awoke stretching looking for my bowl, but it had disappeared. I was surprised but maybe this was good news, maybe I could go back. I returned to my happy place but like the time before my last sleep, I could not enter nor could I even see my magical bowl.

Should I have stayed inside? Maybe then this would not have happened. I ran back to my shelter to search for my bowl. Perhaps, it had only moved, and I had yet to see where it was now.

When returning to my shelter I saw that my eyes had not deceived me, that the bowl had certainly gone. I turned to move on… but there I could see it. My bowl was in a different happy place, I ran towards it but like my happy place and the others I had seen, I could not enter.

I sat and cried at this, why had this happened so suddenly, there was no reason, I don’t understand. My cries were loud and long.

And suddenly I could see the path forward was clear, the entry to this new happy place was open.

I tentatively approached not knowing any other happy place than the one I had many sleeps in.

I approached my bowl and came to realise that this wasn’t my bowl, the food looked as delicious as it always been but the bowl itself seemed different.

I wandered slowly around this new happy place and realised that although things were different here, it was indeed a happy place where I could sleep anywhere and wake up to find the bowl magically replenished.

A second bowl even appeared for which I thought was too much as the first refilling bowl was more than enough for me, but it was for another. Someone else joined me in the happy place who also shared in finding the best places to sleep and arise in expectation of the food awaiting us.

Although this is different from my first happy place and I still do not understand why I was unable to return there, I believe in this new happy place.

This is a place where I can go anywhere and a place where I can have many more sleeps.


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