I'm an interest seeker with a sum of experiences that have brought me to today.

I really started pushing into the things I wanted to do during my first year of University.

Where within a day and a half of finding out about a fundraising opportunity to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, I was signed up and ready to go in the next 9 months.

It ended up being one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Raising just short of £3,000 for child education in Tanzania , in no short supply of help from friends and family which I'm forever thankful for, and ascending to the peak of the highest free-standing mountain was certainly a mindset shifting feat. 

As well as being able to see the great changes that can be made through the money we raised, and certainly made me more appreciative of what I currently have 

Wanting to keep the momentum going. 

I've since gone skiing in France with the University group, 

Gone from running my first 10km to a full marathon in 11 months, and being                           able to raise just over £500 for Cancer Research UK in the process.

Now in the process of looking into achieving more goals and making the most of my time and experiencing all that I can. Mostly through doing my side projects


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