Writing about the experiences and projects that I do, topics that interest me and occasionally short stories when the ideas come together.

Welcome, my name is Zachary Abbott!

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 2019 Side    project goals

  1. Pass driving test (Achieved, 4th January) ✔

  2. Run a Marathon in less than 4 hours (December)

  3. Run a Half-Marathon in less than 2 hours (Achieved, 13th October) ✔

  4. Run a 10 km in less than 50 minutes 

  5. Visit a new country (Achieved 3rd-14th June, Botswana) 

  6. Go on a Microlight flight (Achieved, 23rd February) ✔

  7. Write a book 

  8. Do the National three peaks challenge (Acheived, 25th August) ✔

  9. Bungee Jump (Achieved, 28th September) 

  10. Able to do an unassisted pull-up (Achieved, 27th June) 


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